Our Technology

Science behind microRNA

What are microRNA?

microRNAs are a special class of small endogenous RNAs found out in the most diverse organisms with the role of ‘turn on’ or ‘turn off’ protein expression by inhibition of messenger RNA.

How do microRNA act ?

microRNAs act by silencing the mRNA (messenger RNA) that prevents protein expression, revealing a new understanding of the body’s functioning and emerging diseases


During the emergence and progression of a disease, there is an imbalance of microRNA which leads to an increase or decrease in the expression of specific proteins

Our solution

Due to the importance of microRNAs in disease progression, our therapy proposes to act on specific microRNAs reposition or inhibition to regress the condition by going back to normal settings.

Our Treatment Programs

Through our platform, we discover and develop new molecules based on microRNAs for the treatment of diseases without current treatment options. Our molecules have specific targets for skeletal muscle atrophy and liver disease.

Learn more about our molecules being developed here.


Highlights of our technology

Our molecules are chemically engineered, enhancing their specificity, security and delivery target organ


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